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Keeping Your Clients Through the COVID-19 Crisis
Over the past couple of weeks, one of the biggest concerns coming to surface around private practice is how to ...
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What Does it Mean to be a Mental Health Practitioner During a Global Pandemic?
In a matter of days and weeks, our lives and our world have changed more than they have in decades ...
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The Importance of Work-Life Balance in Private Practice
Starting a private practice can be a difficult and draining process. When it comes to building the private practice we’ve ...
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Getting Organized in Your Private Practice
Getting organized in your private practice is essential for setting you up for success! When you’re a brand new entrepreneur, ...
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The Most Important Factor in Private Practice
Being your own boss and running your private practice involves a significant commitment, knowledge base, and skillset. However, your mindset is ...
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How to Accept Payments in Private Practice
When you’re first starting out, or even if you’ve been at it for a while, deciding what forms of payment ...
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3 Myths About Insurance
Whenever I meet a new therapist or counsellor who is dreaming about going into private practice or just getting started ...
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How to Avoid Chasing Late Payments
There are many perks of being in private practice but one of the downsides might be administrative work. One of ...
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How To Track Your Business Expenses
Whether you’re just starting out in private practice, or you’ve been at it for a while, you likely know that ...
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5 Things You Must Do With Your Finances In Private Practice
When you’re brand new to private practice, everything can feel overwhelming. For many of us, the most difficult learning curve ...
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How to Choose the Right Office Space
Whether you live in a bustling metropolitan city, a suburb, or a sparsely populated rural area, selecting an office space ...
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Start the New Year with Reflection
Last year at this time, I was listening to a podcast by Marie Forleo, and she asked some great questions ...
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Wrapping Up Your Fiscal Year
In your Private Practice, do you do anything specific at the end of the year to wrap up loose ends, ...
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Small Changes To Your Office That Make A Big Impact
I’ve seen a lot of posts in our Facebook Community recently about office space, including how to decorate, go-to office ...
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Energetic Cleansing in Private Practice
What do you do when you finish a day of clients and just feel "icky"? Whether we're consciously aware of ...
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Is Private Practice Right for You?
Is Private Practice Right for me? Whether you’re still in the dreaming stages of building your private practice, or several ...
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When to Hire Someone to Help Run Your Practice
Many therapists I know run their entire private practice on their own – from marketing and administration to blogs and ...
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Preparing for the Christmas Holidays
Do you take holidays in your private practice?  I know some therapists who only take Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New ...
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Planning for the Unexpected
As an entrepreneur, most of us have dreamed of flexibility in our schedules and time off when we want it ...
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Tired of selling yourself to get new clients?
One of the things I hear most from therapists and counsellors trying to grow their private practice is how much ...
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Should you create an online course?
Online courses are extremely popular these days. I hear from a lot of therapists that they’re either thinking about creating ...
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How many referral sources do you need?
One of the things therapists and counselors new to private practice want to know, is “how many referral sources do ...
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How and When Should You Increase Your Fees in Private Practice?
As an entrepreneur you are in charge of setting your rates and deciding when you get a raise in your ...
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How to manage stress in private practice
How to Manage Stress in Private Practice
As a mental health professional, hearing out your clients' stress-related issues is part of your daily grind. But, how often ...
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How Important is Having a Niche in Private Practice Success?
I chose to write about this topic this week because it’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get ...
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Taking your private practice to the next level
Taking Your Private Practice to the Next Level
When I speak with new therapists and counsellors, or practitioners who are new to private practice, I often ask them ...
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How to avoid feeling isolated in private practice
How to Avoid Feeling Isolated in Private Practice
One of the biggest concerns I hear from both new and experienced therapists and counsellors who are considering private practice ...
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3 Ways to Ramp Up Your Private Practice at the End of Summer
The end of August is the time of year when we start to feel a quickening in the energy around ...
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How to Incorporate Your Spiritual Practice into Your Work
What is "spiritual practice," exactly? As a follow up to last week's article, "Does Spiritual Practice Belong in Private Practice?", ...
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Does Spiritual Practice Belong in Private Practice?
As the founder and organizer of the Build Your Private Practice community, I typically share tools, tips, and advice on ...
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