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Key Metrics to Track for Private Practice Success
As the end of the year quickly approaches, it important for private practitioners to take some time to review your ...
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Building Your Private Practice to Support Your Zone of Genius
As a private practitioner, you are a skilled service provider who likely values paving your own way. In running your ...
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Mastering The Skill of Managing A Team in Your Private Practice
There are many ways that you can outsource in your private practice and there are some general guidelines to follow ...
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Sourcing and Interviewing Subcontractors
When you reach the point of outsourcing or hiring support when running and growing your private practice, it is important ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing in Your Private Practice
As your private practice continues to flourish, you may start to feel as though your capacity for client work begins ...
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Why You Need A Business Retreat (and How To Make It Happen)
As an entrepreneur, it can feel overwhelming handling the many roles involved in running your private practice. You are responsible ...
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3 Ways To Enforce Boundaries With Your Clients
As a private practitioner, one of the most important things you will need to do when you launch your practice ...
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Tips For Setting Up A Home Office For Your Private Practice
Virtual and telephone therapy is becoming the norm in the mental health industry. Aside from these changes coming as a ...
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3 Steps to Launching Your Online Products
If you’ve been in private practice a while, you’re already aware of the inevitable ceiling you hit when trading time ...
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Diversifying Your Income Using Online Products
Running a private practice means that you are not only a therapist but also an entrepreneur.  This means that, as ...
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Market Research in Your Private Practice Copywriting
As a private practitioner, one of the main objectives of your marketing and copywriting strategy is to build a reputation ...
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4 Ways to Use Email Newsletters in Your Private Practice
One of the most important aspects of an effective marketing plan is to ensure that your marketing channels are diverse ...
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3 Reasons to Identify A Niche For Your Private Practice
When starting out, especially as a new therapist, it can be tempting to want to help everyone. I’ve heard many ...
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How To Define Your Brand Voice
Establishing a consistent brand voice is an important component of building your private practice. Your brand is more than your ...
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The Ultimate Operations Toolkit for Private Practitioners
Running a private practice entails more than working with your clients in their sessions. As a private practitioner, your role ...
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3 Things You Must Do Before Seeing Your First Client
Launching your private practice is an incredibly exciting time!  Becoming an entrepreneur and doing work that you are passionate about ...
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The Complete Guide to Naming Your Private Practice
As you consider starting up your own private practice, or as an established practitioner who is either shifting gears in ...
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Do You Need Experience To Launch Your Private Practice?
I’ve met many new therapists that have been under the impression that you are not permitted to go into private ...
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risk taking in business
Risk-Taking in Business
Taking risks in business is a prerequisite to becoming an entrepreneur. None of us would have made it as far ...
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cross-border work
Navigating Cross-Border Work With Clients
I have been working online with clients since 2011 as a life coach and since 2015 as a counsellor and ...
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Affording Vacation Time As An Entrepreneur
Many entrepreneurs find themselves living paycheck to paycheck each month and private practitioners are, unfortunately, no exception. This can be ...
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when things go quiet
What To Do When Things Go Quiet
As private practitioners, the summer can bring a slow season as our clients take vacations or pause their sessions until ...
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getting the most out of your clients
Getting The Most Out of The Clients You Have
Throughout the course of my work, speaking with hundreds of therapists about the ins and outs of running a private ...
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navigating money conversations
Navigating Money Conversations With Your Clients
Last week in my Facebook community one of our members posed an important question to the group -- how should ...
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Making Your Private Practice Anti-Racist
In a time of global upheaval during COVID-19 and the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and ...
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facebook marketing
Facebook Marketing For Your Private Practice
Social media marketing is a highly accessible and effective way to grow your business. Using Facebook as part of your ...
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pinterest to grow your private practice
How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Private Practice
You might be familiar with Pinterest as the go-to spot for your favourite recipes or home decor inspiration, but are ...
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instagram marketing
Instagram Marketing for Your Private Practice
Social media marketing is quickly becoming one of the most used and accessible forms of marketing for small businesses. Social ...
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Identifying Your Niche in Private Practice
Being too broad in your marketing efforts by trying to speak to everyone is a problem that many private practitioners ...
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Why Your Private Practice Needs a Mission and Values
Last week was the first week of the Spring round of the Build Your Private Practice Mastermind Course. In the ...
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