Many therapists I know run their entire private practice on their own – from marketing and administration to blogs and managing their finances. Others, from day one, hire a receptionist, a blog writer, and someone to do their marketing. 

How do you know when you should be running your private practice entirely on your own, and when it’s time to hire someone to help?

You’re Facing Burnout

In the beginning, chances are you’re working to make ends meet. You’ve just graduated school and have some debt to pay off, and you’re burning the candle at both ends just to fill your practice and cover all of your bills. When we’re struggling financially, the last thing on our minds is spending more money to pay someone else to do the things we can do ourselves. 

That said, burnout is a common experience in the therapy industry. If you’re beginning to experience the signs of it – exhaustion, lack of interest in your work, and difficulty focusing – hiring someone to help you might be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business. 

Too Much Time at the Office

Are you spending far too many hours at the office, and not enough at home? You went into private practice hoping that it would give you more control (not less) over your schedule, and now you find that instead of running your business, your business is running you! 

Most of us spend enough hours face-to-face with clients, nevermind the administrative hours on top of client work. It’s not so easy to delegate our case notes out to someone. Still, if you find you are getting behind in scheduling, payments, handling your finances, marketing, writing articles, or blogs, many of these tasks can be handled by a Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper, or Marketing expert. 

You Have Enough Income to Invest Back Into Your Business

Have you reached a point where you are covering both your personal and business expenses, and have additional income available to invest back into your business? At this point, some of us take that extra money for a holiday, or to pay off debt, or to get a nicer office. However, if you’re thinking strategically, it makes more sense to invest in things that can help you earn more income. 

A great Business Coach, the right Virtual Assistant, or support person can help free up time and energy in your business, so you have more of yourself available to focus on creating new services and offerings. 

Instead of spending your money on things that won’t provide a return, consider investing in something that will help increase your gross income, while keeping expenses low. If you take this step first, you’ll have even more profit available for the next amazing trip, to save for retirement, or to finally have that office with a comfortable waiting room and view of nature!

You Know That Two Minds Are Better Than One

When it comes to creativity and growth, two (or more!) great minds will almost always produce a better outcome than trying to go it alone. While you feel passionate and inspired about your work, and you love being creative, there is nothing quite like having someone else in your corner. A coach or other expert who is invested in you and your business can challenge you, motivate you, and help complete the tasks that you are less than stellar at (we’ve all got them!).  

Some of the most pivotal decisions I’ve made in my business, that brought me to that next level of success, including investing in people who were experts in the things I wasn’t. That has included hiring Business Coaches, Web Designers, and a Virtual Assistant. As much as you might enjoy having your hands in many pots in your business, spreading yourself too thin lessens your impact and hurts your business in the long run. Knowing when to do things yourself, and when to reach out for help, is essential in growing your business to the place you’ve dreamed of. 

If you’d like some support in taking your business to the next level, streamlining your practice, and clarify whether it might serve you to outsource some of your work, I invite you to book a free 20-minute Business Mentorship Consultation. I’d love to connect and find out how I can support you!

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