By now, you’ve probably already heard about the 8-week Build Your Private Practice Mastermind Course, and you’re wondering what it’s all about and whether it’s right for you!

First, if you haven’t already, you can check out all of the details here

And below, you will receive a sneak peak inside the course!

When you purchase the course, you will create your own login and password.

Once the course begins on April 29th, 2019, you will be directed to a login page with your very own, personal course forum.

Once there, you will enter your email address and password to gain exclusive access to your course content!

Once inside the course, you will be able to access each of the components of your package.

For all 3 pricing tiers, that includes the 8-week Build Your Private Practice Mastermind Course, plus TWO BONUS MODULES (Templates for all of your Private Practice forms, plus a module on online counselling)!

Inside the 8-week, BYPP Course, all of your content is laid out in an easy-to-view, easy-to-navigate format.

Everything is downloadable so you can have lifetime access!

The Course Calendar that you’ll receive in Module #1 gives you an overview of everything to come, so you can follow along week-by-week.

The course content is also laid out such that you can easily identify the modules and what’s inside, and find any course document simply by scrolling through the table of contents. 

Along with the 6 modules (weeks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7), there are 2 implementation weeks (weeks 4 & 8) where you’ll have a chance to complete all of the tasks, as well as experience a live Q&A call with Christine and other course participants!


Each of the modules are organized so you can see the overview of all of the content inside, but then easily navigate from the course videos, to worksheets, to task lists and reading lists.

Everything is in order (and downloadable) so you won’t get overwhelmed and can access everything when you need it, how you need it.

Once the course starts, you will gain access to a private Facebook Community just for participants in the BYPP course.

Christine will be active in the group, and you can post your questions, share your progress, and lean on your fellow course participants for support!

On week 4 & week 8 of the course, there will be a live Q&A call on a Zoom platform.

Christine will be there to answer all of your questions! 

If you can’t attend live, you can send your questions in, in advance, and the calls will be recorded and posted inside your course content as soon as the recording is available! 


To give you as much choice as possible and provide you with the exact kind of support you need (in addition to fitting your budget!), there are 3 different pricing tiers to choose from.

ALL TIERS INCLUDE the 8-week BYPP Mastermind Course, 2 bonus modules, the Facebook Community and the 2 Live Q&A calls.

Read on to see what additional support there is, should you decide you need it!


Tier 1:  The Solopreneur 


✓ 8-week Build Your Private Practice Mastermind Course
✓ 6 Pre-recorded Lessons (video & audio files)
✓ 2 Live, 60-minute Q&A Sessions (week #4 & week #8)
Access to a Facebook Community Forum for Support
✓ Handouts accompanying each module
✓ Road Map to Success (From Step 1 to Launch…)
✓ Weekly Task Lists
✓ Recommended Reading Lists
✓ Lifetime Access to the Course
✓ All files (video, audio & PDF’s) are downloadable


$997 USD


You Pay:  $198 USD
OR:  2 monthly payments of $99 USD

Tier 2:  The Entrepreneur



Everything in Tier 1:  The Solopreneur


2; 90-minute Business Coaching Sessions with Christine Hakkola


8-week Mastermind Course = $997 USD
2; 90-minute Business Coaching Sessions = $525 USD

Total Value:

$997 USD + $525 USD = $1522 USD


You Pay:  $447 USD
OR:  3 monthly payments of $149 USD

Tier 3:  The CEO



Everything in Tier 1:  The Solopreneur


3 Month Mentorship Package following the course ($1000 USD value)

Includes 6; 60-minute business coaching sessions with Christine following the course

Unlimited email access to Christine

Access to an exclusive Facebook Group during the course

Personal Audit of your marketing material (website + social media)


8-week Mastermind Course = $997 USD
3-month Mentorship Package = $997 USD
Access to Exclusive Facebook Group = $245 USD
Personal Audit of Marketing Material = $350 USD

Total Value:

$997 USD + $997 USD + $245 + $350 USD = $2589 USD


You Pay:  $995 USD
OR:  5 monthly payments of $199 USD


Email me at christine@christinehakkola.com

Ready to sign up? 

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