Is Private Practice Right for me?

Whether you’re still in the dreaming stages of building your private practice, or several years into the running of it, at some point, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is Private Practice right for me?”

If you’re still in the dreaming stages, this question is accompanied by some degree of fear – fear of failure, fear of not knowing what steps to take, not getting enough clients, etc., etc. 

If you already run your own private practice, I’d be willing to bet there have been days when you questioned your decision to become an entrepreneur and spent a few hours on Indeed looking for agency jobs before getting a jolt back to reality!

Either way, it’s an important question to ask, and knowing that we’re on the right track can bring peace of mind and a sense of confidence that goes a long way when faced with the seemingly endless obstacles that arise from being our own boss. 

So how do you know if Private Practice is right for you? 

You Dislike Working for Someone Else

You’re a natural-born leader, or at the very least, you don’t like being led by others! Doing things on your own terms and making your own way is appealing. When it comes to your career, you long for the freedom and flexibility that comes with being able to set your own hours, take holidays when you want, and not have to be accountable to someone else when it comes to your schedule.  

You are Creative and Passionate

Some people are thrilled to be given projects and told what to do. Others would rather bang their head against a wall than do the same thing day in and day out. If you’re the type of person who just loves coming up with ideas, creating things, and starting new projects, you may find that it’s challenging to work for others. 

Being your own boss allows you to choose how and when you spend your time and energy and will enable you to focus on whatever work your heart desires. You can be as creative as you like, and if your passion changes, well, you have the flexibility to change the direction of your work right along with it!

You Want to Feel Accomplished and Purposeful 

You can achieve feelings of accomplishment and purpose while employed for someone else, of course. But speaking from experience, there is nothing like building your own business, serving clients you love, and doing work that you choose each and every day to make you feel invigorated and alive!

Being an entrepreneur can feel like risky business at times, but knowing that you’ve overcome the fear, countless obstacles, and proven all the nay-sayers wrong, makes it all worth it!

You’re a Self-Starter

If you lack motivation and drive, being your own boss is probably not the right path for you. 

Entrepreneurship requires you have vision, tenacity, and courage. It requires you to wake up each morning and commit to working on your business for no other reason than because you want to, and possibly because you have to pay your bills and have a family to support!

No one is going to get you in trouble, write you up, or fire you, if you show up late for work, take a day off, or delay that project you’ve meant to finish. Sure, you are accountable to your clients, your governing body, and the government (for taxes). But short of that, you don’t have a boss, an HR department, or colleagues checking in with you. 

You and you alone are responsible for your failures and your successes. You’re willing to stick it out when things get tough, ask questions, and figure out what it takes. You’ve decided that the extra effort is worth it to have the feeling of pride that comes with running your own successful business! 

If Private Practice is right for you, I invite you to sign up for the waitlist for my 8-week Build Your Private Practice Mastermind Course. 

OR if you’re already in Private Practice, I’d love to connect with you to see how I can help you take your practice to the next level! You can book a free, 20-minute Business Consultation Session right here.

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