One of the most important aspects of an effective marketing plan is to ensure that your marketing channels are diverse. This means that sticking to just one social media platform, like Instagram for example, isn’t ideal.

Think of this as putting all of your marketing eggs in one basket… what would happen to your audience or your business if your Instagram profile was deleted or the app disappeared. Relying on an ever-changing social media algorithm or potential outages to grow your private practice can be a costly mistake.  For this reason, it is always a good idea to grow your email list.

Think of your email subscribers as an audience that you actually ‘own’. You have the opportunity to connect with them directly in their inboxes, whenever it suits your business; and as an integral part of our technology-driven world, it’s not likely that email will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be spammy or overly “salesy”. Sending weekly or bi-weekly newsletters to your subscribers can be an excellent way to build a strong connection with your audience and nurture them into becoming future clients.

You will want to ensure that your newsletters are full of valuable information, with your ideal client as the focus. Think about the questions your past or current clients may have had about working with you. Share stories about your experience or education that position you as a trusted and reliable resource. Email newsletters are an opportunity to connect with your subscribers to develop the know-like-trust factor that turns your audience into paying clients.

Here are 4 ways to use your email newsletters to connect with your audience, gain their trust and turn them into clients:

Share your latest blog post

Creating content for your blog is a great way to educate and inspire your audience. Blog content also offers an opportunity to increase your SEO rankings for your website. Sharing a link to your latest blog post with your email subscribers will ensure that your content is being seen by those who are already familiar with your and your practice, and help to drive traffic to your site!

Take it one step further and encourage your subscribers to share the post with their followers on social media or forward the email to someone they think might be interested. This small call-to-action can produce substantial results!

Promote a new product or service

Sharing the news about your product or service launch with your email subscribers is the perfect way to use your newsletter. Share this email in advance and let your subscribers know when they can join your latest course or purchase your upcoming eBook.

The email announcing the launch will create buzz around your product and leave your audience waiting with anticipation. This is a great way to continue to connect with your audience even if you aren’t currently accepting new clients in your therapy practice.

Give your audience a peek into your business

Sharing information about your mission or your journey to becoming a private practitioner will give your audience insight into your brand and values, and leave them feeling encouraged to work with you in the future if they feel aligned with your mission!

Also, consider using your email newsletter to answer frequently asked questions. An FAQ is a perfect opportunity to address concerns or hesitations that a potential client may have when considering to work with you as their therapist.

This could include sharing information about sliding scale prices, virtual counselling options or your cancellation/rebooking policy. This content might sound nitty-gritty, but think about what potential clients may be wondering while they are considering who to work with!

Share fun content

Sometimes sharing content such as your favourite inspirational quotes or book recommendations can be the most well-received content for your email newsletter. Your audience is likely curious to learn more about you and your personality in order to get a sense of what it would be like to work with you as their service provider.

Showcasing some personal tidbits allows your audience to get to know you and earns their trust which is definitely an important aspect of a therapist-client relationship!

If you’re looking for assistance with growing your private practice, check out my upcoming Build Your Private Practice Mastermind Course starting on September 28th – it contains an entire module on marketing!

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